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                                                                        Welcome to Chicagokim Art.

Doing her part to promote cultural literacy...

"I attempt to take things we step on and pay no attention to as we walk down the street and elevate them, out of the ordinary."   - Chicagokim

Chicagokim exhibits@ W.H.A.M. 2016 - Nov. 18-20

Chicagokim @ WHAM 2016 (Ill be on the 2nd floor, EAST END near the bar)
Winter Street Studios
2101 Winter Street 77007

Friday, Nov. 18th, 6-10pm - OPEN BAR + LIGHT BITES!!
$15 in advance
$20 at the door
Saturday Nov 19th, 10-7pm - FREE ADMISSION
Sunday Nov 20th, 11-4pm
This year, I'll be selling Chicagokim t-shirts, Chicagokim Transporting Devices (Bags) and Fine Art.

                                                Chicagokim Art staged in various contemporary home settings - 2016

 No matter the setting, Chicagokim art makes a space whole. 


Even in the loo...

or the kitchen!


                                           SOLD! Chicagokim Art benefits Heart & Harmony Houston - Feb. 25 2016

                                            2015 Art on the Avenue & Art Crawl - Chicagokim exhibition: ROUGH TRADE

Visit Chicagokim's "Events" page for information on her participation in both of these Houston mainstay art events!
 a chicagokim exhibition
 Nov 21 & 22 2015
Hardy Nance Studios
ROUGH TRADE by Houston based artist Chicagokim focuses on found objects as fragments from architectures' past, elevating these materials out the ordinary. 
 Growing up in an architectural mecca, this series of works gives a nod to Chicagokim's fascination with architecture. While some pieces are traditionally framed, others float with rough edges, rough cuts, gritty surfaces, admitting imperfection and asking the collector to expand their ideas about art, design and an artists place in architecture.
 These ideas are reinforced in her brand of greeting cards and casual wear bags, marketed as Transporting Devices. 

                                                                                   Online Gallery of Fine Art Works

or commissions of original works or to inquire about works you see below, please contact Chicagokim @ 773-875-0880 or

If not indicated, all pieces below are SOLD. Unsold pieces are indicated as AVAILABLE. 

This is not the entire body of my works, but a few selected features As of February 2015 I am back in the studio and feeling incredibly creative. Can't wait to share what I've created with you guys. Many more works can be found in the "Early Work" page.

Thank you for your time.


   "Distraction Is An Obstruction To My Construction # 5" - 20x48

Currently on view at ADC Gallery - Cincinnati, Ohio - AVAILABLE


 "If You Don't Lead You Will Follow Me # 2"  - 36x15 - AVAILABLE

  "Balance # 76" - 48x24
"Exercise In My Waning Patience #5" - 10x30 
"Exercise In My Waning Patience #7" - 10x36
 "Ton Visage Me Manques #11" - 30x40 

"Ton Visage Me Manques #3 - 30x40 -AVAILABLE

"You Were Needed So You Were Made #433" - 30x40 - AVAILABLE
                                                                           "If You Don't Lead, You Will Follow Me #1" - Triptych (each piece is 16x24)


 "I am Remaining Decent In Difficult Times #2" (36x18)

Rough Trade Series Preview

I'm excited about these floating minimalist works. These are untouched pictures, not professional but I wanted to share anyway. Much cooler in real life.


  "David Helps Goliath Get Up: The Corporate Bailouts of 2008-2009" 12x48 - AVAILABLE

(Detail Side view)  


"Together We Can Accomplish Anything #01" - 24x20 - AVAILABLE


"Everyone is Waiting for You Somewhere #1"  24x20 - AVAILABLE


"Balance # 88" - 24x20 - AVAILABLE



"Exercise In My Waning Patience #60" - 12x48 - AVAILABLE 


                                                                                 "This Time Things Will Be Different #15 - 24x48 

                                                                                  "I Will Listen To You When You Speak" - 30x40

                                                                          "There is No Knight In Shining Armor" - 12x48 - AVAILABLE

                                                                    "Exercise in My Waning Patience/Deb's Waterfall" (Detail) - 20x60

Visit CLIENTS tab to see this piece hanging in my clients home 

                                                                                     "We Too Are One #1" - 20x36 - AVAILABLE

                                                                                          "You Never Walk Alone #8" - 14 x 38

                                                                                         "Ton Visage Me Manques # 3" - 24x48

                                                                                             "Balance #45" - 12x60 - AVAILABLE

                                                                                                         "Begabt #2" - 12x48 

 Visit CLIENTS tab to see this piece hanging in my clients home

                                                                                                          "Begabt #3" -12x36

                                                                                                         "Balance #21" - 12x60

 Visit CLIENTS tab to see this piece hanging in my clients home

                                                                                    "You Never Walk Alone" - (Detail) - 12x48

                                                                                         "Te Hecho de Menos" (I miss You) - 18x36 

                                                                                "You Were Needed So You Were Made" #4 - 24x48

                                                                              "You Were Needed So You Were Made # 8" - 18x36

                                                                                     "What Talking To you Looks Like" - 24x48

                                                                                        "What Loving You Looks Like" - 24x48


                                                                                              "Sunset Of Your Psyche" - 24x48

 Visit CLIENTS tab to see this piece hanging in my clients home

                                                                                     "What Not Talking To you Looks Like" - 24x48

 Visit CLIENTS tab to see this piece hanging in my clients home

                                                                                           "She's Lazy but I Love Her #1" 24x30

                                                                               "You Were Needed So You Were Made #4"  18x36

                                                                                                     "Addicts" (Detail) - 18x26